Pinoy Idol - Boys Debut Performance Night

The Pinoy Idol boys performance night is not so good for me, maybe because it's their debut performance in Pinoy Idol and they still need time to maybe get use on stage and be confident infront of the live audiences, but still I didn't see yet the flexible true Pinoy Idol among the boys. Though I still eyeing on some of the boys to be a potential Pinoy Idol.

Rye Estrada
Toffer Rei
Walton Zerrudo
Warren Antig
and of course the Kababayan from Cagayan de Oro City Ram Chavez.

I am not really sure of the rockers Ram, Toffer and Warren if how flexible they are when it comes to other music genre. But they rock on the performance night.

Wyngard Tracy's comments are useless, I hope next season PALITAN na siya. Walang Kwenta!

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