Arnel Pineda the new Journey Vocalist/Singer

An American friend of mine asked me this:

"Do you know Arnel Pineda? He's kicking ass in the US as the lead singer of Journey. He's supposed to be better than Steve Perry the original singer."

Wow! it took an American producer for a Filipino to become a star... Where are our local producers? Anyway,
I heard him on a local television here in the Philippines before. But he wasn't recognized by some big producers and talent coordinators here. There are great singers here in Philippines but the problem is there's not so many big producers who can support them to be a star. Only few got recognized and some stars here doesn't really have talents, just looks and you are in, and some became a star because of their connections on some people in the Showbiz and music industry.

Even Charice Pempenco, a 15-year-old young Filipino youtube singing sensation, got recognized only after other country recognized her. Charice, even became the first Filipino guest in Oprah and Ellen Show.

I guess, Arnel Pineda will be the next big star here in Philippines, now that he is widely recognized by some other country specially in the US.

Read more about Arnel Pineda's life in Wikipedia here - Arnel Pineda

Or try watching the CNN news here. Arnel Pineda on CNN news to Me a new show on headline news at CNN.


Anonymous said...

Arnel rocked the U.S. What a talent!

It's a shame that he was not given a big break in his homeland. You're right, Filipino producers tend to put more prime on looks & connections--and not on PURE talent like what Pineda's got.

In the meantime, just ROCK on Journey!!!


mingcat said...

Seeing where Arnel Pineda is now, I believe his fate has come and this is now his chance to shine. If local producers could have supported him way ahead Journey, Arnel would not have reached this point of fame. Everything has its own reason and a time to every purpose under the heaven. I believe what happened to him is simply divine intervention...nothing else