Four Pinoy Idol Hopefuls End Journeys

The four Idol hopefuls that end their Idol journeys on the first week of the competition:

Dio Paolo
Elliot Andal
Drizzle Muniz
Bev Ejercito

Top 24 now down to 20, then next another batch will be voted out until it will go down to Final 10... Maybe that's the time we will really see the potential of the Pinoy Idols. But for now it is very sad for those who were voted out because they didn't have much time to really show their talents in the competition. But that's what Pinoy Idol is... you have to be strong to stay in the competition.

Maybe I will be back on Pinoy Idol when they are down to final 10, because that is the most exciting part for me... the crucial time for them to flourish and give their best to stand out among the rest. I also think that by that time they already honed their self to perform like a professional singer in-front of the live audience and that's good to choose who among the top 10 really deserves to be the first Pinoy Idol.

To the Judges, I still don't believe on Wyngard Tracy's comments... They are still useless comments to me, I hope by the time when the final 10 will left on the competition, Wyngard will be a little more sensitive, tact and intelligent on giving out comments on the performances of the Pinoy Idol hopefuls. Just like when he became one of the judges of Search for the Star in a Million on ABS-CBN in 2005, he is also doing the same today on Idol. I am not against Wyngards personality, I am just against on the way he commented on the idol hopefuls. He doesn't have to be rude to be called the Simon Cowell of the Philippines. But as I can see he tries to be a little bit more sarcastic to be a little more Simon style but instead he became useless.

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