Simon Cowell Asked Ryan Seacrest to Come out at "Diana Ross & Top 12 Performance night"

Last night was the first performance night for the American Idol Season 6 top 12, and the theme was Diana Ross’s songs - Diana Ross & Top 12. Some pushed through the nerves and shined… Last night’s best performance was Lakisha and Melinda, Paula even cried after Melinda’s performance but I kinda started to like Sanjaya but still he didn’t outburst his very talent in singing when he perform on stage… he is like holding on his voice. Anyway, who will be eliminated? We will find it out tonight.

But before that, Simon Cowell asked Ryan to come out in Ryan’s interview with Melinda after he (Ryan Seacrest) asked Simon what could he advise on Melinda Doolittle’s high heels.

Ryan Seacrest: "We have a question from Georgia. What do you consider the hardest part of this contest?" Melinda Doolittle: "Wow. I would have to say the high heels and these dresses. I like my tennis shoes and my sweat pants. I'm sorry." Seacrest: "Simon, any advice on the high heels?" Cowell: "You should know, Ryan." “Come out Ryan”, Simon Added. Then Ryan answered (with a grin on his face), “Don’t go in my closet again Simon.” “We (Ryan and Simon) are friends.” And he smiled.

Hmmm… Ryan Seacrest be careful in hiding in your closet… we smell something through Simon Cowell…

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