Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 - Housemates Now Complete Its List

I didn’t post about PBB season 2 since the show started this year because first I want to see the complete list first before commenting, and second I can’t stand to stay up late at night since I have an early morning shift for my work, and staying late will only suffer my schedule in the morning. But since the whole cast of PBB is now completed, I think this is the time to have my say about it.

There are two familiar faces on this season’s housemates like Bruce Quebral a basketball hunky whose pictures are rampant on blogs and websites… and the secret housemate Tirso Cruz’s son Bodie.

A new twist has happened in day 13 of Pinoy Big Brother as not only did Big Brother clandestinely welcome 4 secret housemates but he also revealed secret places inside the Big Brother House.

With their eyes covered, the four secret housemates were ushered inside Big Brother’s sandy, secret garden by hosts Bianca Gonzales, Mariel Rodriguez and Jason Gainza.

One of the 4 housemates who will stay inside the secret garden is Jeremy Hidano. Despite growing up in Japan and being raised by a Japanese step-father, this 20-year-old is proud to say that he is 100 percent Filipino.

Another secret housemate who grew up far from the Philippines was Maricris Dizon. Growing up in Italy, Maricris recalled that she did not experience any discrimination and she had a harmonious life living abroad.

The third person to enter the secret garden was ‘kikay’ girl Mikah Dizon. If some people think that she is lucky because of her endowments, this 20-year-old student from Baguio thinks otherwise.

Last to enter the secret garden was self-confessed PBB fan Bodie Cruz. Son of veteran actor, Tirso Cruz III, Bodie admitted that he had never been with strangers and joining PBB was the biggest risk he has ever taken.

The four secret housemates were left inside the garden without their basic needs.


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