American Idol 6, says Goodbye to Brandon Rogers on the Competition

Woooh!!! Brandon Rogers, Phil Stacey and Sanjaya Malakar were at the bottom 3, but sad to say that the America decided to get rid of Brandon and let Sanjaya stayed for another week to prove himself in the contest. I don’t like the Brandon leave over Sanjaya because Brandon performs better than Sanjaya last night. Though Brandon forgot some words on the lyrics but still he has a good performance.

Brandon, a back-up singer will continue to be a back-up singer as his American Idol dream failed. If only he stayed for a couple of weeks I know that he can give more than what he gave previously because he had sung for well known talent such as Christina Aguilera as back-up singer. Anyway, to Sanjaya better be good next week since America always put you at the bottom or better yet support the VFTW – VoteForTheWorst because they are campaigning for you to stay on the competition.

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