Philippine Idol Mau Marcelo - The Soul Diva, The Idol And The Winner.

My vote counted last Sunday night and the deduction to my phone credits was worth it. Last night, I can say that the announcement of the First Ever Philippine Idol is not bias, it’s perfectly tabulated (I presumed).

Mua Marcelo, named The First Ever Philippine Idol. She was my first choice ever since I started to watch the show. Though in the middle of the season I get frustrated with the every results nights, but this time, I am satisfied and proud for Mau Marcelo’s achievement. Way to go Mau. I can say no more because you have won the recording contract with the SonyBMG, Management contract with the Premantle Media, 1 million worth contract for the ABC and 1 million pesos cash prize.

That’s It! CONGRATULATIONS! To the Big 3.

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