PDA Grand Star Dreamer, Yeng Constantino

Yeng Constantino, the grand star winner of Pinoy Dream Academy. I wasn’t able to watch the Grand Dream Night last night since we had our Christmas party last night, which lasted around 1AM. But this afternoon I watched ASAP and find out to be Yeng got the title as the first PDA Grand Star Dreamer. Too bad my pick Panky Trinidad didn’t make it, but still I am happy for her to be in the finals.

I think, Yeng Constantino won because since the PDA started her single hawak kamay already hit to the PDA fanatics. Ever since the PDA started a lot of my friends said that the competition is already over and Yeng will be the winner because of her Hawak Kamay.

Though Panky didn’t make it to be the Grand Star Dreamer, still she is already a winner because she is already a star and will regularly seen her perform on TV, especially in ASAP together with the 5 other PDA honors.

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