I Love Philippine Idol on ABC

I can’t wait to witness the Grand finals of Philippine Idol this coming December 9 and 10 at the Big Dome. So, for the meantime, I watch last monday night’s Heart Evangelista’s I Love Philippine Idol which, I witnessed the reunion of the 12 finalists. They have this little awarding ceremony, where they vote for the Best Love Team and Mr. and Ms. Friendship among the 12 Idol finalists or 11 shall I say (since Mau is not present).

Best love team winner is Miguel Mendoza and Apple Chiu and Miss Friendship was Arms Crus and Mr. Friendship was Ken Dingle. I was not comfortable about the love team winner, it just didn’t work for me because of the rumors I heard about Miguel’s sexuality, but I will leave it as that. All I am excited for is the finals, so lets hope for the best and my vote counts for Mau Marcelo as the first Philippine Idol.

Miguel Mendoza and Apple Chiu
The Best Love Team


John said...

me and miguel have a common friend. bakla talaga siya. miguel actually told my friend na wala naman daw nagtatanong sa kanya kaya wala siyang sinasabi. but he wil never deny it if someone will ask regarding his sexual preference.

Rob said...

ganun??? close talaga kayo? wow! celebrity na friend mo tol... hehehe... anyway, it's not really a big deal what his sexuality is the more important is he has a talent to show, but life's like that talaga eh. we can't please everybody.

If you happen to talk to him, send my regards and congratulations nalang sa kanya... thanks for the info and comments..