Terry Gilliam described the story as 'Alice in Wonderland' meets 'Psycho', a story that explores the resilience of a child and how she survives in bizarre circumstances.

Jeliza-Rose is a young child in a very unusual situation - both parents are junkies. When her mother dies, she embarks on a strange journey with her father, Noah, a rock’n roll musician well past his time. Jeliza-Rose escapes the vast loneliness of her new home into the fantasy world that exists in her imagination. In this world fireflies have names, bog-men awaken at dusk, and squirrels talk. The heads of four dolls, long since separated from their bodies, keep her company: Mustique, Baby Blonde, Glitter Gal and Sateen Lips, until she meets Dickens, a mentally damaged young man with the mind of a ten-year-old. Dressed in a wet suit and speedo, he spends his days hiding out in junk heaped wig-wam turned submarine, waiting to catch the monster shark that inhabits the railway tracks. Then there’s his older sister Dell, a tall ghost-like figure dressed in black that hides behind a beekeeper’s mesh hood.

I should say, this is not like GMA’s Bakekang teleseries that needs a rhinoplasty surgeon to make a changes on her face specially the nose for her life to be happy.

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