Reymond Sajor Eliminated on Philippine Idol

Reymond Sajor was eliminated last Sunday and several idol fans raised their eyebrows after hearing the result, even Mr C put a heated face after knowing it and lose his cool at the Idol Theater at SM Megamall.

"The results were dreadful!" Mr. C told the Manila Bulletin right after the results show. "The bottom three with Mau (Marcelo), Gian (Magdangal) and Reymond is shocking to say the least. These are our top guys!"

We remembered that the bottom three received blathered assessment from the judges last Saturday as they perform for their Metropop performance night. Mau sang "Ako Ang Nagwagi" by Dulce, Gian did "Give Me A Chance" by Ric Segreto while Reymond did "Be My Lady" with much justice that the "Idol" band and its musical director Mel Villena singled out his performance. Even guest judge Hajji Alejandro included Reymond, Gian and Mau in his top four performers’ list. The other one whom he named also exceptional was Armarie Cruz who performed Freddie Agular’s "Anak."

I think Mr. C has nothing to do with it; it was the people’s decisions (Thru Text and phone call votes). Maybe all he can do is give the contestants the right treatment or assessment they deserved. If a contestant is doing well, let the people know that the performer deserves their vote because of this and that, don’t just rant them because they just sucked on the stage that night and came angry when the result is not what you expected. You should’ve chose the best among those top 40 or top 24 to be on the final 12 so that whatever the final result or whoever is gonna be the first Philippine Idol you are confident that it is the best contestant whoever in the final 12.

Don’t be so affected Mr. C, it will make your face a necessary visit at New York face lift.

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