Pinoy Dream Academy's Fifth Expulsion Night

The fifth expulsion night was touching. Ronnie was a lifeless set on establishing that he indeed deserved the great compliment, while probationary students Michelle, RJ, Iya and Kristoff also had to get that proverbial chip off their shoulders. However, it was RJ whose piece proved to be his swan song.

After Headmaster Jim Paredes announced that the five-nomination rule will be forfeit when only ten scholars are remaining, performance time commenced. First to take the stage was the star scholar, whose rendition of ‘Kung Kailangan Mo Ako’ earned the compliments of Judge Kitchy Molina, who congratulated a “well-improved” Ronnie. This was followed by probationary scholar Michelle, which prompted Judge Nanette Inventor to comment: “buong-buo ang puso mo.”

Next was the trio of Yvan, Emman and Davey, who sang ‘Pag Nandiyan Siya’ by Erest Yvan Cruz Esguerra, ‘Wishing Lampara’ by Mark Eduard de Mesa and Michael Sapico, and ‘Ako’ by Soc Villanueva, respectively.

Kristoff went next, singing ‘She’s Out Of My Life’. The results were promising, but Judge Kitchy Molina claims that something was in the way: “Malakas ang kaba mo… hindi mo tinatamaan nang tama ang ibang nota.”

RJ then tackled a vocally challenging Jason Mraz song, where Kitchy Molina was quick to note: “Hindi ko masyadong maintindihan ang lyrics.”

Another tribute to the Pinoy Dream Academy Songwriting Competition soon followed. Chai sang ‘Unfair’ by Michael Plaga Ong, Chad belted ‘Krishna’s Eyes’ by Edgardo Miraflor, Jr., Irish had ‘You Moved Me’ by Elisette ‘Casper’ Blancaflor, and Joan did ‘Go With My Heart’ by Gino Torres.

Iya was last but definitely not least; Iya’s stellar performance incited comments that she was “very striking on stage,” a fitting testament to her vocal power.

Finally, a last tribute was done. Jay-R sang ‘May Tama Ako’ by Rickenson Canlubad, Rosita with ‘Tanging Ikaw Lamang’ by Markel Cesar A. Luna, Panky with ‘Karamay’ by Gabriel Jesse T. Guevarra, and Yeng with “Pangarap Lang” by Alvin K. Gonzales, which was capped off by a standing ovation from the teachers.

After a jazzy dance performance by the scholars, voting soon began. First to be pulled out of the fire was Kristoff, who was saved by text votes; Iya had the faculty on her side, taking her out of the hot seat. Michelle won the heart of the scholars, winning 12 out of 14 votes. RJ, sadly, was the fifth scholar to be expelled from the Pinoy Dream Academy.

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