Sharon Cuneta, a Blogger?

I never knew Sharon Cuneta has a Blog, not until I browse where there is a post about Sharon Cuneta’s show being nominated in the coming 2006 Asian Television Awards. Maricar of place a link to Sharon’s Blog, which makes me excited to follow the link. Imagine? I can now directly read the thoughts of the Megastar right through her blogs and even communicate with her through comments, but unfortunately she didn’t allow comments on her blog.

Anyway, just knowing that a megastar is also a blogger makes me proud she is one of us, or I am one of them. I just wanna make this clear, I am not a Sharonean, nor a Vilmanean neither a Noranean, unlike those fanatics of the three stars I mentioned “Umulan man o Bumagyo, magunaw man ang Mundo sunod ng sunod pa rin sila sa kanilang idol” and believe me some of them are on their 50’s and 60’s, those people who needs to have a New York hair transplants.

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