You Change My Life, Changed My Impressions on Filipino Movies

I am not a Filipino Movie Fanatic, shame on me but that’s true… usually, I only watched Filipino movies when it is a comedy and starred by effective comedians like Ai-ai Delas Alas, Eugene Dominggo, Ruffa Mae Quinto and the like but not often. When “A Very Special Love” shown last year, I thought of watching it but wasn’t able to, because of my frantic schedule. Now, that the sequel of the Sarah and John Lloyd movie shown in theatres nationwide in the Philippines, I never hesitated to watched it on the first day when my friends asked me to.

I never regret watching the “You Change My Life” movie of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz because I can certainly say it is “sulit” to spend my 80 pesos for a movie (Cagayan de Oro Cinema Premiere rate). I was so absorbed by the movie and still have the smile on my face because I really love to watch again those cheery scenes of Sarah and John Lloyd on this movie. I never get “Kilig” on most Filipino Love Movies and even Hollywood movies but “You Change My Life” really changed my impressions on Filipino Movies and I really giggled on those cute scenes when the two lovers (Miggy and Layda) try to make sweet moments together and the “Bebe ko” ring tone still keeps on ringing in my ear even till this writing.

So, I am hoping to watch more Sarah and John Lloyd movie tandem in the near future and hopefully the Philippine Show Business Industry can create and produce more excellent movies this year. Congratulations to Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz for a good movie and also to ABS-CBN Star Cinema for producing such movie.

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