Laarni Lozada is the PDA Season 2 Grand Star Dreamer

Laarni Lozada’s power voice made her become the PDA Season 2 Grandstar Dreamer. I didn't like her early on the competition because of her "Drama queen" tendency, but when I first heard her open her mouth and sing... Wow!!! right there I bet she made it to the final together with Bugoy and I am Happy with the Top 2 results. Anyway, the PDA season 2 top 6 dreamers will be on Boy and Kris tomorrow and watch out for it because Kris Aquino will ask him about his reaction last night.

The final tally of voting results:

Laarni - 651,696 votes (35.21%)
Bugoy - 549,760 votes (29.70%)
Miguel - 253,412 votes (13.69%)
Liezel - 247,346 votes (13.36%)
Van - 112,065 votes ( 6.06%)
Cris - 36,487 votes ( 1.97%)

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Learn Japanese Review said...

I love both of them.