Marimar Philippine TV series on GMA Bukas na!

SOP presented the casts of Marimar on GMA and I am so glad of Marian Rivera, she really deserves the role to play Marimar. But what really caught my attention is the character named Corazon played by Manilyn Reynes, she really gives justice on the original Corazon character though her version is a Bisaya and that is very fine because it is a Filipino version Marimar.

On the other hand, Dingdong Dantes really fit to the Sergio Santibañes character, I guess no other GMA stars can fit the character of Serio but Dongdong. I would have freak out (just kidding) if Dennis Trillo got the role because the actor was interested on the role and fortunately (for me) he didn't get it because I really want Dingdong Dantes on Sergio's Character.

Inquirer Entertainment's article about the Marimar stirs controversy issue, written by Bayani San Diego Jr. pointed these two issues:

Controversy 1: The steamy scenes between Marian and Dingdong, as Marimar and Sergio respectively, have caused tension between the leading man and his real-life sweetheart, singer-actress Karylle.

I think that is not a controversy and nothing matters about that issue, it's a profession and plainly work, so I guess we better leave that issue behind.

Controversy 2: With “Marimar,” Marian is assuming the position vacated by Angel Locsin as the hottest property of GMA 7.

Well, I guess Marian Rivera don't have to assume because she is now the hottest star property of GMA 7 and no questions about that.

So, good luck to the Marimar GMA production.... Aww!

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