Yilmaz Bektas Revelation of the Possible AIDS virus carried by John Estrada and Ruffa Gutierrez

I thought the Yilmaz Bektas and Ruffa Gutierrez issue already ended and I can now stop seeing Annabelle Rama in the news and interviews with all the lies and scandals she brought but Yilmas release another bomb that surprises everyone or maybe just me.

Yilmas said in an interview that he found out that the real guy that Ruffa married to in America is a Filipino actor and it was John Estrada. Yilmas also said that the reason why Ruffa ended her relationship with John is that she found out that he (John Estrada) is positive of HIV and probably a carrier of the AIDS virus.

He also fired some spicy words to the Gutierrez family and said things that explains how evil the Gutierrez family is.

Ohhh... I think this is too much but I guess you should watch and listen to the recorded video uploaded at Youtube by somebody. It's kinda creepy and I don't think this is an authentic video of Yilmaz. I think this is just a voice over by someone who hates the Gutierrez family and mimic the voice of Yilmaz. Observe this youtube clip and tell me what can you say about this video.


Anonymous said...

funny because the voice is not of yilmaz, hahaha

Anonymous said...

well i dont like ylmaz, i also hate ruffa, but this vedio is really funny, because its not ylmaz who is speaking, i sound visaya hahahahahaha