Isabel Granada to star in sci-fi/action Indie film 'Xenoa'


Isabel Granada revives her career with indie film, a sci-fi/action movie "Xenoa". This is her comeback film after her last movie career in 2001 when she was part of Halik ng Sirena and in 2000 when she was part of Anghel de la Guardia.

The film gives us a glimpse of the power struggle for the planet Xenoa. When the ruler of the triple-star system, Queen La'ian (Clem Poblete) gives birth to the heirs of the Xenoan throne, she decides to protect them from the scheming General Norak (Ronnie Martinez) by sending the triplets - Eli (Isabel Granada), Zeus(Paolo balesteros) and Drix (Rafael Nanquil) to faraway Earth. And the story started...

Watch out for movie this August 2007 at SM Digital Cinemas

Produced and Directed by Sean Lim Lim

Paolo Ballesteros
paolo 2 paolo 1

Isabel Granada
isabel03 isabel04

Rafael Nanquil
rafael4 rafael1

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