Katherine Heigl Found the place for her Dream Wedding

The National Enquirer - Katherine Heigl (Katie) owns a remote piece of property in rural Utah, and she thinks it’s an ideal spot for her to walk down the aisle,” a close source told The Enquirer.

“She doesn’t want a typical Hollywood wedding in a posh hotel. She wants it to be intimate, personal and most of all, romantic. The plans are to erect a tend on the grounds of her property, fill it with flowers and candles, and be surrounded by the people who mean the most to her.”

The wedding will be a two day celebration that will include skiing as well as a ceremony and reception. Guests will stay at a nearby resort and will be shuttled back and forth to their secluded Utah compound. Kate Walsh, T.R. Knight, Ellen Pompeo and Ellen’s fiance Christopher Ivery will be in the wedding party.
She just have to make sure it is really private because paparazzi photographers don't want to miss a celebrity wedding.

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