Claire Danes Boobs Slip picture

Claire Danes looks like she knows exactly what she’s doing while bending over in this loose blouse without a bra during an appearance on Canadian MTV to promote her movie Stardust. I hadn’t heard of the movie before, but I guess I have now. Boobs have always been an effective marketing tool.
Danes is in two movies opening this summer, Evening and Stardust. In Evening she plays a young Vanessa Redgrave. Redgrave’s character is dying and reminisces about her youth. It also stars Meryl Streep and Toni Collette. Stardust is a fantasy based on an illustrated novel by Neil Gaiman. Danes plays a star who becomes human in a mythical kingdom.
Claire Danes just wanted to show us if it is really clear for us to see it.

Claire DanesClaire DanesClaire Danes

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