Joey De Leon's Gay Style, nakakasawa na nga ba?

I have read this thread in a certain forum.
JunPindot: Joey De Leon's gay theme programs need to be retired and buried and sealed in a pyramid-like chamber, never to be seen again - forever, and ever. He has been doing it for a century and it's getting really, really tired and old like him and his 60 year old gang. Can GMA not come up with anything else than this? Do we have to bear this everyday? It's either Willie's corny antics or this. I think i'll just watch paint dry or ants humping each other.

Joza: Kung talagang nakakasawa na, GMA will definitely do anything to put the show down. But the fact Joey De Leon is already an institution in Philippine Television and had contributed to our local pop culture, his popularity still grows and his everyday antics never failed to give atleast a smile to his billions of audiences not only here in the Philippines but to every filipinos outside the country.

In my opinion looks like nakakasawa na nga but still minsan natatawa ako kay Joey because of his pagka mean bastos, na matatawa ka sa taong binastos niya sa show.

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