Yilmaz's reaction relayed through Dolly Anne

Here is the full content of Yilmaz's reaction relayed through Dolly Anne:

What is the truth behind Ruffa's allegation that you beat her up for 15 hours? Did you ever hurt Ruffa physically? Did you ever lock her up in a cabinet?
"It's like Ruffa saying I kill JFK [John F. Kennedy] and I bombed the Twin Towers. She don't have evidence but she say she know. How funny! If I tortured her 15 hours and electrocuted her in bathtub, why she still alive? Is she Superman or Spiderman? Yes she is talking about cabinet. Mostly she staying cabinet because she love to look her dress and bags. It's a walk-in cabinet like as big as room. I hurt her only by slapping her when I heard about the other man she married before me. I slap her ‘cause she deserve it. Why she lie about everything even simple thing about her age? Why all the hiding? She is really older than me. When I was in jail two years ago, she want hide it. I tell her, why be ashamed to tell truth? Even Gandhi go to prison for politics."

Are you fighting for custody of your kids?
"Yes. I want them grow up Bektas way, not Gutierrez way. When I call, I hear Ruffa shouting at our kids. Kids always with yaya. You ask where her kids are yesterday, she don't know. But ask her what Paris Hilton wear three months ago, she know.

Did you ever endanger the life of your children? Ruffa claims there was a shooting incident while you were in your car with Lorin and Venice.

"I think she watching too much Western movie. If that was true, it should be big news in Turkey 'cause my family prominent."

What did you mean, Annabelle is a "good seller"?
"She good seller period. People who know her understand what I mean. Everything money for her. When first met her, she not ask what university I come from, who my father, mother is. She ask what brand my watch."

Ruffa claims she gave up her career for you.
"What career? When I ask tape of her movie, she does not like me to see. I don't need her title—she only second runner-up [Miss World Second Princess 1993]. I buy Fashion TV for her birthday gift; nothing happen. I lost big money."

What did your lawyer find out about Richard Daloia?
"She still was marriage with this guy until April 2007. She never get divorce. During my wedding time she still marriage with this guy."

Ruffa claims you knew about Daloia from the start.
"If I knew she married other guy before me, I not even ask her to be my girlfriend, not ‘cause I respect Ruffa or myself but because I am scare to God."

What are your legal plans?
"It's mostly about Ruffa and boyfriend. Annabelle admitted to me in text that Ruffa has lover. I mail you my cell phone to show message of Annabelle as proof. As for legal, she against two laws... several times lying marriage time and lying to government because she using this fake documents for traveling Europe, USA, etc. And for children I am gonna open case because no permission from me using them for commercial and magazines. I will sue all companies involve."

Why did communication between you and Ruffa break down?
"First reason we fight Feb. 16 because I found out she's still married to someone else. I'm finding out also she has a relationship in Philippines three months now. I give $50,000 reward to anybody who can point this dishonorable man to me. Show his face. And whatever I say regarding this story, I am speaking with evidence. I save Ruffa messages weeks ago calling me husband, soul mate, promising her soul and body belongs to me. But while she text me, she already [with] other man."

How is your family taking this?
"My mother had heart attack. She sad when I sad. She in hospital. I sorry for her."

Ruffa is saying she has moved on and so should you.
"I the one file for divorce. Why she say I want her back? How she move on? Before that, she has to face all legal case. This is not party time. This is real life." - Philippine Entertainment Portal

Hala! paano na yan Ruffa and Annabelle? kaya naman siguro ganun ang galit nila kay Dolly Anne dahil confident si Yilmaz na sabihin sa kanya (Dolly Anne) ang lahat ng totoong nangyari. Kaya pala sinabihan ni Ruffa si Dolly Anne na "Shut up" dahil totoo. Kaya naman pala ganun nalang ang tingin ng mga taga ibang bansa sa mga Filipino in general dahil sa mga taong katulad nila.

Yilmaz is right, hindi dapat lumaki ang mga anak nila the Gutierrez way dahil pagkaperahan lang ito ng mag-ina sa mga mga commercials and shows.

Dahil sa sinabi ni Ruffa na binugbog siya, eh wala naman siya pinakita na picture or medical certificate na binugbog talaga siya. Basta kayo nalang ang humusga.


Anonymous said...

May naniniwala ba kay Ruffa at Annabel? (Does anyone really believe Ruffa and Annabel?)

According to Ruffa ... "siya ang Pinay ... siya ang dapat paniwalaan." (She's Filipina and we should believe in her as Filipinos).

Excuse me ... she and Annabel are the last Filipinos I will believe.

Anonymous said...

The fact is that turks are wife beater,it's in their culture!

Chuva eklaber said...

Ganun ba talaga??? Dahil siguro sa ina-asal ni Ruffa at ng kanyang Bungangirang Ina...

Hay naku, sobrang lumaki na ang isyong ito, wala bang mas magandang isyu?

Anonymous said...

kapal na man nang muk ha nyo? magbasol unta ning magnanay fuffa and anabel kay sobra ka yabang ug mga golddigger.dili maulaw baga ug nawong.

Rob said...

Correct ka dyan!

Rob said...

Mag basol jud na sila, pero murag nisikat man sila pag kakarun... si Ruffa gikuha sa ABS-CBN nga isa sa mga host sa "The Buzz". unya balita nako dako daw na iya contrata sa the buzz.

Kahayahay ba, mao siguro nag eskandalo kay para daghan mukuha sa iya nga show...