Ruffa Gutierrez Admits About the Wedding Happened with Richard Daloia in Las Vegas

Ruffa Gutierrez admits she married to a certain Richard Daloia in Las Vegas on January 18, 1999.

Naging boyfriend ko siya and, yeah, nagpakasal kami sa Vegas. So what? People do that all the time."

Her parents, as what Ruffa said, were clueless about the wedding, so she was basically on her own when she filed for divorce—that was year 2000. She admitted that one of her purposes on why she went back to Las Vegas last month was to do the necessary follow-up.

"Alam ni Yilmaz lahat. I told him everything the first month we met. But this guy [Richard] was not the reason kung ba't kami naghiwalay. Naghiwalay kami dahil binubugbog niya ko and that's very clear."

Siguro hindi si Richard Daloia and reason why they got separated but it might be the reason why Yilmaz beat her. Connected pa rin ang mga yun, so Richard Daloia is still part of the reason of the problem.


Anonymous said...

Ruffa and Annabel will only admit to anything that will incriminate them when they are finally backed up against a wall.

They have perpetuated lies and irrelevant responses.

Truth is ... Ruffa has no proof of spousal abuse. Does she have pictures or medical reports of her bruises and wounds? Ruffa has said that her trip to the U.S. is to meet with Yilmaz ... she made that trip to further falsify public records by having the record of her marriage with Richard Daloia pull out. She said that she fled Turkey bloodied and bruised with her kids ... she really left Turkey alone.

She is the biggest liar in this controversy ... why doesn't that surprise me? Wasn't she involved in the infamous Manila Film Festival controversy years ago?

The lies and deceit she and Annabel dish out ... should I just "take it ... take it"?

Rob said...

No, I can't Take it, take it... Poor Ruffa her mother runs her life even until now that she is already a mother. Still, her Bruha mother Annabel keeps on dictating her of what to do.

I just hope hindi magiging Bruhilda si Ruffa sa kamay ng ina niya. or better yet, she should stop her mother on dictating her life.