John Estrada and Gretchen Barreto's Controversial Kissing Picture

Here’s the new controversial photos of John Estrada and Gretchen Barreto, why is it so big deal when we see two showbiz personalities kissing here in the Philippines while it is okay in Hollywood? Now, people are so crazy about this John Estrada and Gretchen Barreto’s kissing photos. Hmmm… real or not still I don’t care.

Anyway, here are the pictures for you to see and scan for the photoshopped works.

Here are the comments of a certain "Photoshop expert":

1. obvious that the skin of neck and face are different.
2. the red spot at Greta's eyes - john should have that as well.

1. the lines if zoomed bigger at the lower neck and arm, shows the "lasso" work.


chase said...

Gretchen already commented on these pictures through her manager, Boy Abunda through yesterday's "The Buzz" that, indeed, the pictures are "real". There was also a feature on the same pictures at GMA 7 "Showbiz Central" where one of their editors claimed that they were indeed real. So I guess the real issue now is why they were kissing in the first place?

Rob said...

Why they Kiss? Maybe because they have feelings for each other and they end up kissing. John is single and so with Gretchen so why we need to question that? maybe we just wanted confirmation that they have relationship, that they are lovers. I think that's what we want to hear from the two.

Anonymous said...

hi, betch here...gosh, i am so disappointed with what gretchen had done. the first question that came up into my mind was, "What else does she want in her life??" her picture with john "big bird" estrada (the big bird is the monicker labeled by showbiz people to john estrada)indeed disclosed an intimacy borne not out of their closeness in time and space in that particular bday occasion, but an intimacy that has been there for quite sometime. i can only feel pity for tonyboy who gave gretchen all the social let alone economic uplift that she has now. what can we say...from the kettle to the fire?