John apologizes in an Email sent to Philippine Entertainment Portal

"I did not want to talk. I did not want to give any satisfaction to those malicious minds that deliberately posted the photos on the Internet.

"But I believe that many feelings have been hurt by all this, and I take the responsibility to set things right. I am taking the blame.

"The photos were from my cell phone. It was a thoughtless moment and bad judgment to even take those photos. I never released, nor gave anyone permission, to release them.

"I am not using as an excuse a night of partying and drinking, but really, we were all good friends there, enjoying a private, surprise party. The kiss began there and ended there.

"There were also many of us taking photos of each other at that time. Kung may malisya ang yakap at halik na iyon, di hindi sana nangyari iyon sa harap ng marami.

"No one has the right to judge Ms. Gretchen. She is a good person. We have been friends since the early ‘90s. She does not deserve all the ugly talk.

"For all those I have hurt unintentionally, I am very sorry. To Ms. Gretchen and her loved ones, I sincerely apologize. None of them deserve this."

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