Will Smith - Jada Pinkett 10th Year Wedding Anniversary In a Castle

Pursuit of happiness Star, Will Smith was stunned by the grandeur of the Castello Odescalchi at Bracciano, where Cruise married Katie Holmes. That is why he celebrated his 10th year anniversary wedding with his wife, Jada Pinkett on the said castle.

Smith told friends it had been the “most enchanting, splendid experience possible”. He also admitted being sorry that when he had married second wife Jada Pinkett in 1997 he could not afford to throw such a party.

Smith, 39, has reportedly been persuaded by Cruise, a close friend, to make up for the missed opportunity by going to Bracciano for his 10th wedding anniversary.

Local cake-makers and craftsmen and many of the same drivers, body-guards and valets that worked for Cruise are the same people who prepared for the Smith-Pinkett Wedding Anniversary.

Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carrey, and Richard Gere are among in the guest list and of course the TOMKAT were there, Katie Holmes wore a Giorgio Armani dress, with an ivory train adorned with lace and crystal embroidery, while Tom Cruise wore an Armani tuxedo, reports said.

After the ceremony, the couple were serenaded by Italian singer Andrea Bocelli.

It seems that Smith has not seen for much of the day because he was in the kitchens with the chefs. (Hmmm… he might want to exchange position with the chef that day because of excitement or maybe because he was enchanted by the place.)

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