Big Brother Housemate Gee-Ann, Labandera For A Day

Gee-Ann became Labandera (laundry woman) for a day as Big Brother’s task for her to test her and achieve her goal to try to live independently. The task came after Gee-Ann admitted that she was cared for by her mother, sister and nanny. Gee-Ann also admitted that she joined "Pinoy Big Brother" Season 2 to experience and learn the ways of being independent.

Now, Big Brother give her the task to wash 126 pieces of clothes -- from T-shirts to jeans -- for the whole day. We will see kung papaano niya kukusutin ang 126 pieces of clothes and we will see how she really wants to be independent.

But before she started her task, Gee-Ann first solicited the advice of other housemates on how to wash clothes properly.

Kian Kazemi, one of the returning housemates who has a crush on Gee-Ann, chatted with her while helping out with the chore. (Hmmm… looks like Kian wants to create a Kian - Gee-Ann love team. Nakikita kaya ito ni Kuya?)

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