Annabelle Rama - "Leave my daughter alone! Give her freedom!

Ruffa Gutierrez's supposed meeting with Turkish husband Yilmaz Bektas in Las Vegas didn't push through, according to the report Startalk's Butch Francisco on May 26.

It was also included in the report that since the couple announced their split, Yilmaz attempted to call Ruffa many times. But his efforts had been futile. It was said that the TV host-actress would hand the telephone to her mother, Annabelle Rama.

Annabelle, who has recently been very vocal in admitting her dislike and disapproval of Yilmaz, was said to have yelled forcefully to her son-in-law at one point. Her exact words were, "Leave my daughter alone! Give her freedom!" Ruffa's Las Vegas trip on May 21 was cited by many as a last ditch effort to salvage her faltering marriage. - PEP

If Annabelle didn't get involve with Ruffa's problem, hopefully the couple (Ruffa and Yilmas) will be back together... Feeling ko lang... Masyado kasing nakikialam si Annabelle sa anak niya kahit may asawa na ito. - just a thought.

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