Bruce Quebral will live in Slovenian Big Brother house for a week

Bruce Quebral and the rest of the PBB housemates has no idea of why Bruce will leave the PBB house last night and they also have no idea if he will return into the PBB house. But the real reason is Bruce will go to Slovenian Big Brother house and stays there for a week in exchange to another Slovenian Big Brother Housemate named Tina.

Igor Bratoz, the creative producer of Slovenian Big Brother together with his team has chosen Bruce Quebral to be brought inside the Slovenian Big Brother house. According to Bratoz, Bruce’s dynamics and looks are just some of the factors why they’ve chosen him.

In fairness, Tina is one hot woman and I will really want to see her show some skin inside PBB’s house and we will see kung papaano luluwa ang mga mata ng mga PBB boys or kakayanin kaya ng mga girls na makikipag compete sa pa-sexy-han kay Tina. But this will also be a chance to test Nel kung chickboy or Chick and boy siya. Hahaha… tingnan natin kung papaano tataas ang kilay ni Nel.

After surfing Slovenian Big Brother website with the housemates pictures, I therefore concluded that, they chose Bruce to stay in Slovenia because only Bruce can compete to the flaunting talent of Slovenian housemates. If you happen to visit the Slovenian Big Brother site, you will really see that they really feel at home at the Big Brother house. Every scene is so hot that you can barely see on Pinoy Big Brother and the housemates are hot too.

Here's Tina's pictures

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Rob said...

So, hindi niyo makita website ng Big Brother Slovenia?