Philippine Idol's Soulful-RnB Saturday Performance Night

Soul with RnB theme was the Philippine Idol’s performance last Saturday and the 12 finalist go out for soulful Saturday. Tropical storm Milenyo made the scene at last week’s elimination that is why this week’s elimination will pick 2 finalists out.

Mau Marcelo for Francis Magalona is Philippine Idol’s answer to American Idol’s Fantasia Barrino, Mau marcelo kicked off last week’s OPM night and dedicated her song to her longtime boyfriend Richie, no wonder how in-love she was while delivering her number. Francis says that it was a choreographed performance that he likes even though she has a small faltering of the Vs and Bs in her diction but Francis still gives her two thumbs up.

Ken Dingle wants to spread the “Ken Idol” fever he admits it. He is more confident now since his vocal cords are now restored and got into his song that made Francis appreciated it.

Apple Chiu made the judges admired her for her solid voice and remained favorite to the idol fans and I think being a member of Iglesia ni Cristo was the good reason why she still received a good number of vote among Philippine idol fans. Francis forgot that he is the judge and acted like a fan, while Pilita, was so pleased to Apple’s performance that made her stand and clap while saying “I love you”. And Ryan Cayabyab said “…you’re a serious contender for the title of Philippine Idol…”

Proud Mary by Tina Turner was delivered by Stef lazaro, and she was confident because RnB is her favorite genre no wonder why she really enjoys the night’s performance. Her broken voice is sexy to Francis’ ears while Pilita corroborates that RnB songs is what fits for Stef and Ryan C. said that she could have made it look a bit more like Tina Turner, but Stef said that she didn’t want to be an impersonator but just want to be herself.

Could it be I’m Falling in Love is Jan Nieto’s choice to deliver last night. But Jan faltered at the end though he really made an effort on his number but still Francis Magalona noticed it but excused him and said it was okay and Pilita and Mr C. said that he has improved.

Reymond Sajor was not used to sing soul and RnB. Hitting his rendition of I’d rather by Luther Vandross and he still delivered it well in his performance. The emotion was the most important and not only the curling of the voice when singing soul, Kiko reminded all that. Reymond is good with singing Ballads, Mamita said and Mr. C said that Reymond need to fall in love and feel the heartache so he can relate to his song more, though he has a nice voice. In reply, Reymond said that indeed, his girlfriend is watching in the theater audience.

Pilita and Mr C were not happy with Jeli Mateo’s performance and Francis admits that she looked good on her performance but she was going anywhere on her singing. Jeli admits that she will risk on her performance because soul is not his genre. So, for those fan of Jeli, just make sure to make extra effort in casting your votes to make Jeli stays on the competition and can still glimpse her beautiful face on your monitor.

Gian Magdangal says that soul is genre of his choice. He make sure that he will give an all out performance for the song I Feel Good by James Brown. Kiko said that to watch Gian perform is a joy an so with Mamita as she agrees on Kiko but Mr. C thought that Gian chose a bad song and said that it was Gian’s worst performance in the competition.

Miguel Mendoza rendered Let’s Stay Together. Though he tried to make everybody groove to her performance but Kiko said that his song is too low for his voice so with Mamita agrees that by not liking the choice of song for Philippine Idol’s youngest contestant. He was off tune and need to work harder according to Mr. C.

Pow Chavez performed her first upbeat song in the competition with “You Got It Bad” by Usher and shows everybody what she is all about. Kiko said that although it is Usher’s song but Pow do it and hit it in her own way. “Kung nagtumbling ka, panalo ka na…” Mr C told her. But mamita prefers to see Pow singing other genre.

Arms Cruz did not disappoint her fans as she delivered solidly her performance with her favorite song by Aretha Franklin, the “R-E-S-P-E-C-T.” It was a good job according to Kiko and Mamita said that she loves Arms performance. Mr. C said that Arms’ performance was worth for her hard work.

Drae Ybañez hits Tower of Power’s “You’re Still A Young Man”. Drae feels the mood on his performance that’s why Kiko said that Drae was with the song, Mamita also said that the song fits him and he is always has a smile on his face. Mr. C said “…see you next week for working so hard..”

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