Kamikazee Band

Maharot, makulit and hindi mapakali, that is Kamikazee, named as Best Live Act last year. Kamikazee band gives their full energy everytime they play on their gigs. Personally, I really enjoyed watching this band, aside from being naughty and funny, their songs are a hit on radio stations, just like their best selling latest album “Maharot” and carrier single “Narda” which is known to almost everybody.

Their success continues with their second single “Martyr Nyebera” which is a hit on all radio stations in the Philippines.

Kamikazee, are compost of Jay Contreras on vocals, Jomal Linao on Guitars/vocals, Led Toyay also on Guitars, on Bass is Jason and Drums is Allan.

Kamikazee, enjoy to be with, funny, naughty. Rock on!

Kamikazee on Sharon

Kamikazee - Doo Bidoo (Their Funny Video of APO's Doo Bidoo)

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