Kakaibang Idols! a Philippine Idol Special Presentation

Philippine idol produced a unique production last Saturday evening where they feature “Kakaibang Idol” featuring the seven distinctive people from the last Philippine Idol Auditions around the Philippines. Instead of the final 12, the seven “Kakaibang Idol” were the one who will be fry by the three judges but this time, the judges were not Miss Pilita, Mr. Ryan Cayabyab and Mr. Francis M. since, this is a special presentation, the Judges will be special to (are they) The judges were the so called “mga bakla sa Philippine TV” or shall I say “Kakaibang Artista” they are Miss Ethel Booba, Mr. Arnel Ignacio and Miss (Babae po ako) Tuesday Vargas. We all know that these three became famous because they did something unique on the local Showbiz Industry or they really are unique.

The Seven Kakaibang Idols finalists are:

Aneme Girl Jhonalene Sison – Voltes V theme is the one who gives impact on Jhonalene and her aneme voice gives life to the song which initiated applauses from the audience.

John Jerico “Jeck” Perrey – The Hula dance makes him unique, this not so fat guy knows how to bop Hawaiian Hula Dance and taught the three judges so with Ryan Agoncillo to dance while in the middle of the audition. He made them(The judges and Ryan) wiggle their tails oops their hips rather.

Lalaine Enriquez - The “Babae Po Ako” version of Miss Lalaine Enriquez catches the three judges’ eyes that aside from being the Kakaibang Idol finalist she also get the gold pass that made her to the second round.

Leonard Ocampo – His trenchcoat which he stressed that his Lucky charm and dance steps of "Sumayaw Sumunod“ makes him kakaiba… napagkamalan pa siya ni Arnel Ignacio na Manager of the Girl group na “The Bodies”

Shane Romulo - Performed "Huwag Mo Akong Ligawan (Kuya Huwag Po)" for me the most Kakaiba and the most hilarious. Dressed like a maid of musical director Mel Villena acting as her "Kuya." I really laugh so hard watching her performance last Saturday. And she was my bet.

Winjohn Dacay – This Mystica guy completely shocked the judges especially Miss Pilita during his audition when he splits while singing "Shout For Joy."

Yova Alonzo – The Diva/Divo of Kakaibang Idol he or she rendered Whitney Houston's "Why Does It Hurt So Bad." Galing nya… Miss Pilita Corales was so amazed in his Audition, because of his feminine voice… no wonder She got the title as “Kakaibang Idol” last night, Congratulations Yova.

Performance night show ended with the performances of the three judges. Pilita Corrales sang “Thank You for the Music, with Ryan Cayabyab plays the piano and Francis M together with the Top 12 did The Dawn's "Salamat."

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