GMA-7 Kapuso Network Fans Will Vote Off Melissa

Now that PBB is changing the voting system from vote for your favourite to vote to evict, do you think this will be the best option of PBB management or ABS-CBN management has? I mean the control on who will stay at the competition is in the hands of the viewer and when you say viewer that includes everyone including those from other networks.

Do you think that this will be the chance for the other network like the all-time rival of ABS-CBN Kapamilya network – the GMA-7 Kapuso Network to ruin the show by voting the favourite housemates of the PBB fans? Like voting off Melissa and that will kill the Melissa and Jason Love team.

That is possible because there is a rumor around the net that Kapuso fans will all vote Melissa for her to be evicted and make PBB a boring show! Leaving the PBB house with boring housemates and PBB will be good as dead show.

Anyway, I think Kapamilya and PBB management has long been planning for this and they have prepared for this. We will see if that rumour over the internet is really true if the situation will turn out to be what has been buzzing around.


Aimee said...

if that's really true, so lame naman ng mga kapuso fans...

"ang magandang laban ay hindi dapat pinipilayan ang kalaban."

Rob said...

Di natin alam diba? possible pa rin yun.