Marian Rivera is FHM's Sexiest Woman in the Philippines for 2008

After being the successful Marimar of Philippines and hitting a top rating TV fantaseries Dyesebel, Marian Rivera got the 1st spot of the number 1 men's magazine annual poll for women, the FHM Philippines Sexiest Woman for 2008. After controversial network transfer of Angel Locsin, leaving her original home network GMA and landed on its rival station ABS-CBN, Marian has been given the chance to take major roles on GMA TV shows and it is a very big impact on Marian's career that made her the most sexiest woman in the Philippines according to FHM's votes.

Though, Marian is not yet gracing the Magazine but she got impact to the people. I could probably say this that everytime GMA raising a star they made it big because GMA focus on every star they want, unlike ABS-CBN which is a big network and has a lot of talents, they cannot focus on one star to raise and that made Angel Locsin's career fall slightly because ABS-CBN has more talents to take roles.

To Marian, I hope this achievement she got don't make her head grow big and keep her feet on the ground. Because there are rumors in the past about her having a bad attitude. So, way to go Marian... Make it Big and be Proud. With being tagged as the sexiest woman in the Philippines, we are hoping to see Marian Rivera dare to bare on FHM covers soon.

But, with the cover of People Magazine Asia, will there be Dingdong and Marian for real or they will just make it for TV shows? For you, who do you prepare is the best leading man for Marian? I am not in favor of Dingdong Dantes, because I just don't like his acting style, can there be any other Kapuso hunks out there who can be best pair to Marian?

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