Amanda Decena, Filipina in Britain's Got Talent

She blows away the audience and made them standing ovation and crying and made the three judges say yes you've got a talent, particularly Simon Cowell who said... "No, I'm not gonna disappoint you because I say yes".

Amanda Decena, a 33-year-old from our the Philippines flew out to Britain six months ago in the hope of creating a better life for herself and two young daughters. Agonizingly she had to leave her precious children behind with their grandparents in the Philippines, until she had raised enough money to send for them.

And here she made it to the next round of the show "Britain's Got Talent" but take note she is a proud Filipina and that would tell them that Pinoy's Got Talent. Anyway, I hope this will cover up the latest bad news we got around the world about the Vicente Sotto Memorial Hospital issue.

The audition Amanda gone to will make a life-changing career for her and her family. We will wait for your return to the Philippines Amanda...

By the way, Amanda Decena looks like Angelu De Leon.

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Anonymous said...

it's a shame most of us Filipinos bear that 'we have to leave the country to have better lives' thing. it's because we're all so muddled up and engrossed at, rather than be sick of dynastic families that run the country's politics, show business, economy, etc. There is no equal enough opportunity here and it's not about talent really here it's about connections. Like Richard Gutierrez, that boy can't act, yet he gets the gigs because his mother is a talent manager and his parents were both in the show business and have managed to save up money in a grudge struggle for entertainment supremacy here in the country. We are like the Jews, when we are here at home we hate each other and destroy ourselves, that's why we seek better lives out of the country, where people appreciate what we can do. We salute you Amanda, among others like Arnel Pineda, Apl de Ap, Charice Pempengco, Leah Salonga, and the others.