Saicy Aguila, Maxim Cover Girl for October 2007

Who say's only Wendy's taray and plastic beauty can make it to Maxim covers? Well, Saicy's dancing prowess and alluring beauty with a sexy curve on her body can do it to the Maxim cover for October 2007.

Saicy said Wendy is sexier than her and she didn't want to over power Wendy on this matter, but for me personally I really like Saicy's curves than Wendy's. Look at Saicy's pose compared to Wendy's 3 different Maxim cover variations/poses.

So, what you think? For me Saicy doesn't need 3 variations to look sexy... just one pose is enough for her to be sexy.

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Naomi said...

yeah...i totally agree... Saicy's sexier!