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Huhuhu... Ang sakit dapat ako na ang papanalunin niyo...

Ouch!!! that hurts...

White Castle Girl finalist Lovelle Cañal sinipa ng Kabayo, while she was posing for a pictorial with the legendary white horse in Boracay. They are preparing for the set and move the horse to have a perfect view, but little did they know that Lovelle is already at the back of the horse and suddenly the horse made two kicks and hit Miss Lovelle. (Ouch! ang sakit)

Though she is doing fine now but got a little scar marks on her sexy legs and still the show must go on and Lovelle will still go for more challenges. Lovelle is from Cebu.

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Boracay Hotels said...

Hahaha, wawa naman. Ang ganda pa naman pinag shootingan mo, tapos nasipa ka lang ng kabayo..

Tanya Gemarin