Scandalous Pictures of Amy Polumbo Miss New Jersey

Amy Polumbo is not only the latest scandal to rock the pageant world (She is the current Miss New Jersey), she is also the latest hot female to come out of that state with a checkered past in the world of photography.

Former American Idol hottie Antonella Barba made waves earlier this year as another Jersey girl with photographic talent.

Pageants have been particular brutal on these young girls with Miss USA photographed underaged drinking and actively participating in the club scene. She was forced into a rehab program by Donald Trump.

This time it is Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo whose under the gun. Miss New Jersey, says she has no intention of giving in to an anonymous threat that personal photographs of her will be made public if she refuses to give up her her crown.

"It would certainly be easier for me to simply succumb to these unlawful and immoral threats, and quietly disappear," Polumbo, 22, said Thursday at a news conference in Asbury Park.

The beauty queen's lawyer, Anthony Caruso, said that beginning last week, Polumbo, her family and officials in the Miss New Jersey Education Foundation received packages with photographs of her and a demand that she relinquish the crown by Friday, reports the AP.

The theater-performance major sailed through singing "Astonishing" from the Broadway musical "Little Women" in the pageant's talent competition to become Miss New Jersey. But she said she tripped onstage during the evening gown competition and had a major case of nerves about the pageant's interview and swimsuit competitions.

"The first night I was nervous, but after I was called for Top 10 I just said to myself, "This is funny, and you have to have fun with it,' " said Polumbo, a senior at Wagner College on Staten Island. "The butt glue in the bathing suits, all the preparation — you can't take everything in life too seriously.

"I really felt that throughout this whole process no matter what happened … I wanted to show the judges who I really am," said the 120-pound, 5-foot 4-inch blonde.


Jordan Bach,

Originally published July 5, 2007 6:59 pm ET

Here are some of the Pictures:

Amy said: “I feel sick to my stomach. I really do,” Amy Polumbo told host Matt Lauer. “You know, they’re not that bad, but they were meant to be private. And it is making me feel very vulnerable that the entire country has to see them now because of this situation.”

The photos really aren’t that bad, by contemporary standards, but they aren’t necessarily good for the 22-year-old theater major’s public image, either.


Anonymous said...

They are bad enough to warrant losing the crown period. Role models work hard at not participating in these type of stupid stunts.

Lito said...

Well, those pictures were taken when she wasn't yet crowned miss new jersey, but anyway, a real miss whatever shouldn't act anything like that. never in her whole life, whether before her reign or after... She should be the role model...

Sorry for her... she was black mailed by some of her friends...

Anonymous said...

Oh well, if she loses her title she can always pose for Playboy or Gallery

Rob said...

Hahahaha... Why not?

Anonymous said...

I doubt Amy will ever pose in those magazines. She is much smarter than that.

Anonymous said...

Amy is such a Beautiful woman, has a sparkle in her eyes! Very talented as well!