Linsay Lohan Turns 21

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 21st birthday with a shopping spree the Planet Blue boutique in Malibu.

This was her first weekend of freedom following a long stint in rehab and she's looking healthier than ever with an iPhone in her hand.

Here's a timeline of Lindsay's very full 21 year life and career:

1986 - Lindsay enters the world as Lindsay Dee Lohan.

1989 - Lohan lands her first modeling job at the age of 3.

1996 - Lindsay begins her acting career, appearing at the age of 10 in a soap opera...little did we know much of her life would fit the role.

1997 - An 11 year old Lohan breaks out playing both twins in the 1998 remake of Disney's "The Parent Trap."

2004 - In her big break Lohan nabs a top role in the movie "Mean Girls." She follows that up with "Herbie: Fully Loaded" in 2004.

2004 - Lindsay sees a future in music and launches her debut album "Speak."

2005 - "Speak" goes platinum. She immediately follows it up with her second album "A Little More Personal," but hits the sophomore slump.

2005-2007 - A series of car accidents, and so-so movies thrust Lindsay into the Hollywood spotlight with the likes of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

2007 - Say it ain's so...Lindsay enters a rehab facility in January. Five months laters she's busted for driving under the influence, and is caught with a "usable quantity of substance" some have identified as cocaine. A night of partying and some less than flattering pics later she checks herself into rehab.

2007 - Maxim magazine lists Lindsay as #1 on their "Hot 100 List."

Linsay Lohan Turns 21 Linsay Lohan Turns 21 Linsay Lohan Turns 21 Linsay Lohan Turns 21
Photo source: HollyScoop

She spent her afternoon taking a jog on the beach in Malibu. Later on in the day she returned to a Malibu beach house where friends and family started to join the starlet for some pizza and water. Aww, it’s the pizza party she always wanted but never had.

None of her ‘celeb friends’ attended the party except her ex-boy Calum Best. I thought these two were dunzo? Do you guys think it’s such a good idea to have him in her life considering his not so healthy ‘habits’? Maybe they’re just friends.

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