Cracks on Katrina Halili's Sexy Photoshoot with Travis Kraft

FHM's sexiest woman in the Philippines Katrina Halili and USA representative to Manhunt International who is also a wrestler slash Hollywood actor-model Travis Kraft's sexy photoshoot is ozzing with hotness, but it became hotter with Katrina's Vajayjay's crack shows in one of the hot photos.

She seems having fun in the photograph session, that she didn't care showing her vajayjay cracks on her sexy white suit. Anyway, no matter what we say, Katrina is always a sexy woman that every woman is envious about.

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Anonymous said...

um yeah..travis kraft sexy? you've got to be kidding me! this guy is such a tool with no brain. no wonder he didn't succeed in america. it's a mystery how many filipinos are so fooled by lack of talent!