Best Dressed Female Celebrity in the Philippines

10. Pops Fernandez
And that's one of the reason why she's named Concert Queen and becoming a FHM August 2006 Cover Girl is a plus.

Pops FernandezPops FernandezPops FernandezPops FernandezPops Fernandez

9. Maricel Soriano
A Star for All Season title is nothing if she doesn't deserved to be part on this list.

Maricel SorianoMaricel Soriano

8. Regine Velasquez
Every week she appears wearing fabulous dresses on SOP and on her Pinoy Pop Superstar show and we can see her transformation week by week. Mention her name to anyone who has lived in Asia over the last fifteen years, and take note of their reaction.

In addition to being an accomplished actress, revered spokeswoman, and sex symbol, Regine Velasquez is a multi-platinum selling recording artist.

regine velasquez

Regine VelasquezRegine VelasquezRegine VelasquezRegine VelasquezRegine VelasquezRegine Velasquez

7. Angel Jacob
This proud single mom and TV host didn't leave the fashion world behind, she's still competing in the glamor and beauty in the entertainment industry.


6. Tweetie De Leon
From Supermodel to Supermom, model, teacher, businesswoman, environmentalist and a Preview cover girl and she is still gorgeous as ever.
Tweetie De LeonTweetie De LeonTweetie De LeonTweetie De Leon

5. Alessandra De Rossi
Fun, frank, spunky, and real - that's Alex! Here's a girl who knows what she wants and doesn't have any qualms about speaking her mind. This beautiful yet strong-willed woman has a body of a real model no wonder what dress you put in her will still gorgeous.

Alessandra De RossiAlessandra De RossiAlessandra De Rossi

4. Daphne Oseña-Paez
This host and TV producer is keen to fashion. She loves collecting jewelries, bags and shoes that she collects here in the country and abroad. No wonder why she got the international taste in fashion.

Daphne Oseña-PaezDaphne Oseña-PaezDaphne Oseña-PaezDaphne Oseña-PaezDaphne Oseña-PaezUrban Zone Daphne Oseña-Paez

3. Cherie Gil
Known to be an able and effective villain in movies and on television as Laviña Arguelles! But she is not a trying hard copycat when it comes to fashion statements.

Cherie GilCherie GilCherie GilCherie Gil

2. Lucy Torres Gomez
This sweet, beautiful and wife to celebrity hunk Richard Gomez and mother to Juliana loves swaying her hips, stomping her feet, clapping her hands, snapping her fingers, and clicking her tongue to the fast guitar beats. That way she maintain her sexy body that any dress can fit and looks good in her. She is also one of the 100 Most Beautiful Filipina in 2006.

Lucy Torres GomezLucy Torres Gomez

1. Anne Curtis
When we say Anne Curtis, all we can think of is sexy and beautiful. I don't know basta any dress looks good when Anne wears it.

Anne CurtisAnne CurtisAnne CurtisAnne Curtis

Watch Anne Curtis and Richard Gutierrez on this Youtube clip.

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