Wendy Still in the PBB Show? Nel, Evicted!

Sooooo... Pathetic! I just can't seem to bear why the people still wanted wendy to stay inside the Pinoy Big Brother house. It seems the people hates Wendy but still she was saved on the 10th eviction night or maybe this was all a drama and they (The PBB management) really planned to do everything like what came out until the BIG NIGHT?

Anyway, among the 7 housemates left, Nel got the lowest votes next to Wendy. But what makes me laughed out so loud while watching the 10th eviction night, was seeing her crying so hard inside the confession room. She was like a child na parang inagawan ng lollipop ng ibang bata. Ano bang pinag-iiyak niya eh daming tao sa labas at loob na galit sa kanya... kung wala lang sana si Bruce iwan ko kung may kakampi siya.

Now that Nel is out inside the PBB house, it will be 4 against 2. Wendy and Bruce tandem against Micky, Bodie, Gee-Ann and Beatriz's group. Sayang lang talaga Nel is one of my Big 4 predicted housemate but too bad he was evicted. I just make another Big 4 prediction and it will be: Micky, Beatriz, Gee-Ann and Bodie but of course Micky as the Big Winner. Kayo ano ang Big four para sa inyo?


xynexx said...

me tooo.... i can't understand what's with wendy...but its so obvious majority of the audience doesn't like her. my asssumption is that she'll be in the big four coz' i think the management likes her, caring less 'bout her attitude as long as she'll keep the ratings up... she's pampered as a star, they have reasons why she don't have penalties for her violations. my gosh, a medical reason for gee ann's weight gain is acceptable since it's beyond her control as compared to wendy's tantrums. that's why i already stopped viewing the show. im just updating myself through internet.
this show has been too commercial...no values to attitude anymore... young viewers can misperceive this...better guide them...

Rob said...

Correct! I think this show won't last until 5 seasons if they always do things like this...

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Anonymous said...

your right guys... this show won't last til season 4 wala nang maniniwala sa pinoy big brother at halos wala ng magandang aral na maidudulot sa mga bata puro iyakan at di magandang pag uugali ang pinapakita sa mga manonood.