PBB2 X-housemate Saicy and Luningning Showdown on Wowowee

Evicted Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemate Saicy Aguila proved herself that she is not just an evicted plain housemate but a hot sexy dancer. Being a Champion in ballroom dancing national competition, surely Saicy can compete with Wowowee's phenomenal "Kiti-kiti" dancer Luningning.

Meanwhile, Saicy also appeared in ASAP where she sang with Dionne Monsanto and Toni Gonzaga, where the freshly evicted from last night's eviction night Robert Woods appeared by giving Flower to the Saicy.

Robert is the 7th housemate who bade goodbye to Big brother's house after staying there for 111 days. Everybody was shouting after Saicy appeared to meet Robert on his eviction.

I just don't know why the people keep Bruce to stay in the house when all he did inside these following days is to focus on her Princess Wendy. What are the people expecting on this two lovebirds? A wedding on the Final night? (winks)

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