Meet the Fakers: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

I don’t think Heidi Montag looks fabulous on her dress at the MTV Movie awards, she looks like ready for a porn video shoot. Anyway, do you know that this couple (Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt) fakes their engagement for press? They got 'engaged' recently in Santa Barbara, CA just 8 months after they initially hooked up.

But somebody leaked the news that the couple's romance is a publicity stunt to gain celebrity status and generate a hefty side income. Wow!!! Celebrities can make money by just faking relationship… don’t tell me Brangelina and TomKat’s are faking their relationship to earn millions? Anyway, that’s too much to be true, but these two young couple was caught on tape and pictures. Visit this Celebrity Babylon to check out more.

"It's an arrangement that suits both of them," says an MTV insider, "they won't be walking down the aisle, they will go through the motions of planning a wedding, and then have a big break-up that will get lots of press. All caught on camera by photographers, of course."

Celebrity Babylon even caught a paparazzi on a hidden camera talking about how the couple made $30,000 just last month off of fake photo ops.

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