It's Another Hunk versus Hunk for Eviction on Pinoy Big Brother 2

It’s the two PBB2 hunks, Robert and Bruce who are nominated tonight through a face-to-face nomination. Robert's tight rope crossing skills still didn't impress the housemates enough to change their mind on voting for him tonight. The biggest reason they chose to give Robert their vote is that he has a really short temper. Bruce came in second because of his focus on Wendy since she came back in the house, forgetting group dynamics and other relationships.

Now, if Bruce will get evicted on this coming eviction night, it would be Wendy’s turn to cry just like Bruce cried when she got evicted. How about Nel? I am sure he will because Nel is the most iyakin in the Big Brother House. But who will cry when it’s Robert?

Who between Robert who got 6 nomination points and Bruce with 5 nomination points deserve to stay another week inside the big brother house?

We will find out this week how Bruce Quebral and Robert Woods III deal with the housemates who vote for them in the face-to-face nomination night.

If you want to waste your money and phone credits just vote by texting BB (Name of housemate) and send it to 2331 for Globe, Sun Cellular, Bayan Span and Touch Mobile subscribers or 231 for Smart, Addict Mobile and Talk n’ Text subscribers. You can also vote online by purchasing e-pins through the Digital Martian website.

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