Britney Spears Wants Some Attention Again

Wearing a green satin sheath, Oops! Britney did it again hanging out in Hollywood on Monday night with Alli and another friend all over the place. Enjoying the night and stopping at Joseph's and then Jack In The Box for a burger and fries before heading home at 2:30am. She didn't mind anything about her peeps taking a peek outside her satin dress. Not only that, she also showed her wiggling ass while getting into the car too bad she wore pant this time. (winks)

Hmmm... Britney might want another attention from the public, because today's talks of the town are Paris Hilton's in jail and Lindsay Lohan's rehab. Why not get her ass inside the mental hospital? I am sure that will be the most appropriate thing she should do.


Anonymous said...

Poor Britney,she is losing her mind I think,have pity on her,she's behaving like a small child with alsheimer!

Rob said...

Hahahaha... but she doesn't care about that... She just wanna have fun and show her everything...