Seiko Films' "Silip", Hopes to get a R-13 grabe from MTRCB

Seiko Films, hopes “Silip” to have a grade from MTRCB a R-13 grade, because they said that it wasn’t a bold movie, but base on the publicity stills of Silip where the two sexy stars (Diana Zubiri and Francine Prieto) shows their breast and Polo Ravales exposed his butt.

Silip - Starring Diana Zubiri, Polo Ravales, and Francine Prieto, this is directed by Joel Lamangan from the script of Racquel Villavicencio.

: Silip is also a 1985 sex and horror movie starred by Maria Isabel Lopez, Sarsi Emmanuelle, Myra Mannibog, Mark Joseph. Directed by: Elwood Perez.

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