Ruffa Gutierrez and Yilmas Bektas Separation, What really is the Reason?

Yilmaz apologized to Annabelle Rama, Ruffa's mom. However, he clarifies that he wasn't pertaining to his mother when he said something about a materialistic person who's around Ruffa. He also said that religion isn't an issue, as core values like love and respect are present in any religion. So, what is the real issue then? Nagkasawaan nalang or maybe because of Ruffa’s mother, Annabelle Rama who’s always getting along with her daughter’s life even if Ruffa is already a married person.

Ruffa shares that in regards to her relationship with Yilmaz, she doesn't want to put a period to it yet, and that she's going away for two weeks to think. She says that love isn't the issue in this problem, but it's more of self-respect, as her dignity as a woman is on the line here. She adds that Yilmaz also needs to speak to her parents, as they expected him to take care of Ruffa when they entrusted her to him. For her parents, she gives a big thanks for saving her, for being the wind beneath her wings.

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