Mother Lily pro-opposition?

Film producer Mother Lily seems to have become pro-opposition, as she has lately been tendering showbiz press meet ups with non-administration senatorial bets.

Last week, she had Gringo Honasan who is running as an independent.

The once fugitive alleged coup leader turned up at the Imperial Palace Suites along with his two daughters and only son Martin, who is married to Barbie Almalbis, the well-loved guitar-strumming alternative singer.

Many showbiz scribes were impressed not only by Honasan’s robust good looks at the age of 60 but also by his punctuality. The usual assembly time for the press people for Mother Lily’s press huddles is 7 p.m. and the politician-guests are expected at about 8 p.m., presumably soon after the writers have finished their dinner. Honasan, like a true-blue military man arrived on time, the first politician guest of Mother Lily to come on time.

The film matriarch led a group of writers to the stockade of Fort Bonifacio so they could interview jailed Oakwood mutineer Antonio Trillanes who has been adopted by the Genuine Opposition into their lineup. She also scheduled a meet-up with members of the Trillanes family last weekend.

Of course, there was Noynoy and when a few writers asked if Monteverde has turned oppositionist, she immediately announced that she has lined-up Edgardo Angara next.

If we go by count, and if we include the independent candidates as oppositionists, then Mother Lily may be leaning toward the opposition.

Let’s do a roll call: Noynoy Aquino, Chiz Escudero, Richard Gomez, Gringo Honasan, Peter Cayetano, Loren Legarda, Francis Pangilinan, Antonio Trillanes and Manny Villar.

So far, the only Team Unity candidates Mother Lily has sponsored a press-con for are Angara, Tito Sotto and Miguel Zubiri.

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