Miss Universe 2007 Pageant in Mexico City, Mexico

The 56th Miss Universe pageant will be on May 28 at the National Auditorium in Mexico City. Seventy seven women will compete for the title currently held by Zuleyka Rivera of Puerto Rico. Will Miss Philippines Universe - Anna Theresa Licaros make it to the finals?

I am sure this seventy seven hopefuls will do their best to win the title because the winner of the competition will be crowned with a diamond-and-pearl crown valued at $250,000.

Among many other benefits, she is to receive a yearlong salary, the use of a New York City apartment during her reign and a personal wardrobe, as well as a two-year scholarship from The NY Film Academy valued at up to $100,000.

Runners-up will have to settle with a prize of up to $3,000 in cash, a trophy and various beauty-enhancing gifts. The winner of the competition is to be crowned with a diamond-and-pearl crown valued at $250,000.

The Miss Universe Organization, which produces Miss Universe, is a Donald J. Trump and NBC broadcaster partnership, and aims among other things to promote global awareness of illnesses like AIDS and breast and ovarian cancer.


Angelina said...

Last monday I chatted with an aspiring beauty pageant queen and asked here to give her best reason why she she'd like to win the Miss universe 2007 beauty pageant.

Her answer stounded me - "Because I want to wear the diamond and pearl studded crown. It feels good to wear something worth $250k".

That's right - she wasn't interested in the fame, the money, the respect, the opportunities, the training to become a better person.

But only in wearing a crown that's worth so much. Boggles my mind sometimes! :-)

Rob said...

Yeah, having that diamond and pearl studded crown that is worth $250k is what most Miss Universe Candidates wants to have, the fame and the title are just their second thoughts.